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25 septiembre, 2014
Estas Navidades sirve un “Foie micuit con manzana caliente”
9 diciembre, 2014
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We loved seeing how the fair has grown, with more exhibitors, since it conveys strength in our sector. To be sure, what interest was caused by our “Flor del Iregua” pear!

The annual fair at Fruit Attraction was, as always, a moment to connect with the new trends in the industry: mainly, we are interested in developments in packaging and possibilities that different formats and packaging system open for marketing.

Of course, our greatest satisfaction was to see the interest that our new “Flor del Iregua” aroused in many of the distributors and wholesalers present. As you know, “Flor del Iregua” is our star pear, produced 100% in the Iregua River Valley and on the banks of the Ebro, passing through Rioja Media.