Our goal: fruit free of chemical residues


What is the "0% Residue" project?

  • integrated control and management of pests and diseases
  • combination of different production techniques
  • application of good agricultural practices
  • strict internal protocols and monitoring by expert agronomists
  • 0% Residue validation by multi-residue sampling and analysis

As an R&D initiative, we at FRUIJET SL are developing the "0% Residue" project, with the goal of offering customers a range of apples, pears and stone fruit with no pesticide residues at levels of 0%.

This "0% Residue" characteristic has become an added value for our fruit and we are convinced that it is a pioneering project that will be a reference in the future and will be trendsetting.

We firmly believe that "0% Residue" is the way forward to produce high quality, attractive and healthy fruit at a competitive price.

In addition to seeking an extra guarantee of quality in our fruit, our project came about due to FRUIJET's firm commitment to the environment and the future since the CR methodology allows the gradual improvement of some environmental problems generated by cultivation. For example the integrated pest management will dramatically reduce current doses of pesticides.

Some of the pillars of pest control for apples, pears and stone fruits are mating disruption pheromones (for control of codling moth, peach twig borer, etc.), encouraging the presence of natural enemies to control mites and spiders, using oils to control aphids and fungicides and the use of certified organic farming to control the most common fungi.