We believe in doing things well


Fruijet SL was founded by Jaume Llobera in 1989 after more than 20 years of experience in the fruit sector.

Since its inception our goal has been focused on producing high quality fruit to satisfy our customers to the maximum.

We are the second generation of a family business, committed and dedicated in body and soul to fruit production and sales. From our beginnings, 25 years ago, until today, we have been sure that the only way forward was to improve every day...

Therefore, today we can say that our modern processes for production, conservation and sales have maintained our competitiveness in the market, enabling us to remain a benchmark due to the quality of our products.

We thank you for your trust and we offer our commitment to continue doing things well that are committed to quality, tradition, health and taste.

Home-grown farms




We are located in Alcarrás (Lleida), Ctra. Nacional II Km.453. The area of our facility is 3000 m2, with a cold store capacity of 4000 tons of normal cold and a controlled atmosphere (U.L.O.).

  • The cold stores are prepared for a long storage of fruit in a controlled atmosphere (U.L.O) and prepared for a dynamic atmosphere.
  • Water unloading system prepared for all kinds of fruit (peach, nectarine, pear, apple...)
  • Latest generation fruit sorting machine by weight, size and colour.
  • Special brushing machine for Granny and red apples. We avoid applying chemicals to polish the fruit, thus obtaining a bright and excellent result.
  • Machines for all types of packaging.
  • Quality control systems with video surveillance cameras and people responsible for them.
  • Our own lorries for distribution and collection, with national public card.
  • Global management system to ensure the traceability of the product from harvesting on the farm to its final sale.